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We Make QuickBooks work better with custom programming


QuickBooks Custom Programming, Apps & Reports
We solve hazardous business needs within minutes with our software programming and development services by extending, syncing and integrating Quickbooks outside its capacity. We slash down expenses by extending the powers of Quickbooks beyond its core utility. It saves time and money as it is an alternative to expensive, larger accounting software packages.

While we operate QuickBooks, we work directly with the database through the Intuit SDK using .Net development tools (C#/C++/VB.net). Moreover we are also equally good at PHP/Java/Javascript as well as most common DBMS (SQL).

Highlighting A Few Examples:
  • Advanced Custom Reporting
  • Custom data entry screens
  • Manufacturing Extensions such as Work Order Processing/Planning
  • Materials Planning
  • Service Scheduling
  • Consolidations
  • Data collection (Bar Coding/RFID tags etc)

For all the third party add on for estimating, order management, time keeping, customer management, or any other system that your company is making use of we make life simpler. We can help you sync the information you need into QuickBooks. Our know-how and proficiency with integrations can be smartly utilised to lubricate the use of data needed in the accounting software vs the add on product.

We begin with an off the shelf way out to hook to your QuickBooks file. In case of no existing solution, we work together with you in getting the appropriate method set up to integrate your systems.

Time Is Money....So You Need Us!!

How much time do you spend rekeying in data into your QuickBooks file? For your ease and convenience we enable you to have direct integration to help do away with this tedious data entry task.
  • eCommerce (Big Commerce, OScommerce/Zen Cart, Magento, ASP.net, eBay, Amazon etc..)
  • Credit Card/Banking
  • POS Systems
  • CRM Systems
  • DBMS (MySQL, MSSQL, Access, SQLite, Oracle etc)
  • Any application that has a standard database format, file format or an API


We take pride in hundreds of custom QuickBooks development projects. Below is a list of applications and reports available for sale with some initial configuration and customization required..

Bulk Build Assembly For QuickBooks

Creates Builds for anything that is below the reorder point

Bulk Reorder For QuickBooks

Have reorder point, reorder quantity, preferred vendor, auto create PO’s, bulk editing & more.

Invoice Consolidation Tool

Consolidates multiple QuickBooks invoices into a single invoice Inter-company Reconciliation Tool for QuickBooks

Allows you to reconcile inter-company balance sheet accounts Job Cost Actual vs Estimate for QuickBooks

Pulls change order, pulls estimate vs. actual, percentage of completion, and cash flow per job

Job Cost With Projected Labor For QuickBooks

Pulls Time data and shows Job costs before running payroll based on time data Point of Sale (POS) Interface for QuickBooks Enterprise

Point of Sale style front-end interface for QuickBooks Enterprise QuickBooks Purchase Manager

Designed to help purchasing agents when using QuickBooks Always keep track of the quantity of items on hand and quantity available, which keeps in mind SO’s, PO’s, transfers, and build assemblies

Enter vendors to set reorder points and reorder quantities

Specify unit costs and vendor info

Info about purchases, last purchase, last purchase cost, etc.

Balance your inventory and see how it is being used

Signature Capture For QuickBooks Enterprise & POS

Capture a signature on credit card or invoice transactions – keep record for printing later


A lot of businesses across the continent rely on QuickBooks for their accounting functions. We have penetrated through almost all verticals ensuring the optimal working of QuickBooks. The diverse industries that we serve includes:
  •     Accounting
  •     Construction
  •     Education
  •     Financial Services
  •     Healthcare / Medical
  •     Insurance
  •     Manufacturing
  •     Professional Services
  •     Retail/Hospitality
  •     Agriculture
  •     Distribution
  •     Engineering
  •     Government
  •     Information Technology
  •     Legal
  •     Non-profit
  •     Real Estate
  •     Telecommunications

Our team of trained and qualified QuickBooks specialists are constantly upgrading their know-how and ever ready to help you with the proficient business management solution and technology consulting services to keep you at pace with the evolving business needs.

We serve diverse vertical and are geared with in-depth knowledge and expertise that you can utilize. We give you an edge by helping you with finding, implementing and optimizing the most appropriate and customised solution for your business.