Intuit Full Service Payroll
Intuit helps you to setup and handle payroll taxes easily and also makes sure there is no mistake in handling payroll tasks, ever.

•    Enter hours and payroll gets calculated automatically
Intuit makes it easier for you to calculate payroll. Just input total number of hours and pay rate and Intuit calculates everything in minutes. Owing to error detection technology, accuracy is maintained.

•    Complete payroll tax and filing management
When you have Intuit by your side, you never have to worry about tax payments and forms. Intuit promises accurate and timely filings along with complete support to resolve any issues.

•    Seamless integration with QuickBooks
Get complete integration support and sync QuickBooks company file easily irrespective of your platform- Mac, Windows or Online.

•    Free direct deposit
With Full Service Payroll by Intuit, you can choose either check or direct deposit as per the preference of your employees.

•    Reliable support by US-based Payroll experts
Connect instantly to US-based experts in real-time through phone, email or chat, even on weekends.

•    Transfer data easily
No matter whichever payroll you were using before, Intuit help you transfer existing payroll information even from another payroll provider.

•    Completely accurate payroll
Owing to error detection technology, Intuit ensures 100% accurate payroll calculation

•    Comprehensive state registration assistance
Intuit helps to register with the state as a recognized employer and get a Tax ID

•    Manage payroll taxes and forms, easily
Intuit takes care of payroll taxes as well as forms at the end of every quarter and the year.

•    Detailed payroll reporting
Review payroll situation easily with the help of accurate payroll reports by Intuit

•    Proactive Payroll
Take care of payroll woes by just entering the hours to run the payroll. Intuit helps you in:

•    Setting up payroll information and verifying social security numbers of employees
•    Previewing payroll information before submitting the same
•    Filing and paying taxes on time, every time with 100% accuracy
•    Taking care of accuracy through alerts to help you avoid data entry errors
•    Keeping a track of requirement of funds through timely reminders
•    Monitoring potential issues before submitting payroll

Mobile Payroll
The mobile payroll feature enables you to take care of payroll on-the-go. Mobile payroll syncs automatically to your Intuit Payroll account to maintain consistent information.

•    Create employee and contractor paychecks with 100% accuracy
•    Pay taxes and file forms electronically in any state
•    Pay workers using free direct deposit
•    Timely reminder for upcoming paydays and tax deadlines
•    Check previous paychecks by viewing the same


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