QuickBooks Premier 2017

QuickBooks Premier 2017 is now much more beneficial than before for business. Apart from standard functionality and functions of QuickBooks Pro, the new version comes with customized tools, 150+ insightful reports and industry-specific customized functions for businesses. You can use QuickBooks for inventory management, pricing management and also can use its automatic forecasting tool to see future sales, expense and growth forecasts.

•    Finance and payroll management is easy with single-window QuickBook dashboard
•    All standard QuickBooks Pro Features with industry tools and reports
•    Automated business reports owing to new scheduled reports center to automate emailing and creation of reports
•    Simple report filters to help you interpret business data easily from within a report
•    Single-click reporting with insightful financial, tax and sales reports
•    New smart search feature to help you save time on searching critical data
•    Better multi-user support
•    Great report filters for the first time in QuickBooks
•    Deposits summary and company snapshot
•    Unpaid funds reminder
•    Handy reports to check business performance  in detail

QuickBooks Premier 2017- Industry Editions
Choose an industry and get special features for

•    General Business
o    Fully-functional inventory center to help you manage inventory, complete inventory management tasks and locate items
o    Detailed and insightful financial reports to help you track data for a particular location, department or profit center
o    Progressive billing feature to help you track time and material consumed, percentage job completed and bill clients as per personalized criteria

•    Contractor
o    Jobs by vendor reports to help you organize vendor payment and job costs easily
o    Editable job estimates to help you incorporate change orders and see their impact on overall efficiency, cost, and profitability
o    Job cost reports getting a detailed, task-wise view of every job’s profitability

•    Manufacturing & Wholesale
o    Special inventory reports to help you track inventory, set optimal inventory levels by vendor and know reordering status
o    Profitability checker to track profits generated by every product in product line for making an informed decision regarding product portfolio expansion
o    Open orders viewer to prioritize order fulfillment and streamline the shipment process

•    Nonprofit
o    Summary reports for donor contribution to check every donor’s donation total
o    Donation statements creator to help you create statements at the end of year and identify biggest donors
o    Form 990 generator to help you identify expenses and show the expense statement to IRS, boards and major donors

•    Professional Services
o    Unbilled time and expense tracker to help you check the data for a particular employee, client, service or project from the same screen and send invoices instantly
o    Personalized billing rate fixer to help you set different billing rate for every client, service or employee
o    Insightful job cost reports helping you see the most profitable projects for you

•    Retail
o    Sales summary forms to help you track sales performance of your store. Get accurate report of sales figure for a particular day, week or month, easily
o    Inventory manager to keep inventory costs under control and set inventory to reorder levels
o    Profit and loss reports helping you analyze P&L data and conduct comparative analysis between two months

Organize your business instantly
•    Create invoices, statements, and estimates and customize them as you want
•    Take care of vendors, expenses, and bills easily with QuickBooks
•    Reconcile online banking transactions easily by directly downloading transaction info in QuickBooks
•    Access complete tax information at the time of filing with the help of QuickBooks

Business information tracking is now simple
•    Dedicated income tracker to help you track all income transactions from a single screen
•    Insights homepage to give an idea about overall business performance in a single click
•    Insightful business reports to help you access all important business data easily

Automated Reports
With QuickBooks, report creation and emailing is extremely easy. All you are required to do is go to Scheduled Reports Center to customize and schedule reports to be generated and emailed. The Reports Center will automate the tasks and will also show you the status of active and scheduled reports right from the dashboard.

Smart Search Feature
QuickBooks helps you access any information in minutes owing to its smart search capabilities. No more are you required to memorize full information. QuickBooks will complete the search query for you automatically when you start typing a name or number. You can even check for a particular transaction without remembering the exact amount using range value search feature.

Process payments easily & efficiently
Using the QuickBooks merchant services account, you can handle all types of payment processing needs of your business. Use QuickBooks to accept debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers owing to merchant services account. QuickBooks direct payment integration takes care of updating invoices automatically and the books of accounts too. QuickBooks Premier offers an attractive rate of 1.75% for payment processing.

QuickBooks e-invoicing
•    Easily choose the payment mode while sending invoice emails. Choose from credit cards, bank transfers and accept payment via the same mode.
•    Give customers the chance to get updated information about due amount owing to online invoices. Customers can view the invoice online and pay directly using the pay now button
•    You will get an email notification every time a customer pays you via the email invoice
•    Once you get the payment, it will be shown in deposits window for you to reconcile with invoices after which QuickBooks will automatically mark them as paid

QuickBooks e-checks
The e-check feature in QuickBooks takes care of customer check processing needs. Using the e-checks feature saves you a bank trip as QuickBooks automatically deposits your payment within 2-3 days and also updates invoices, automatically.

QuickBooks Mobile Payments
Accepting credit card payments using a mobile phone is a reality with GoPayment card reader. You just have to plug in the reader into any mobile phone and your business will be equipped with credit card processing capabilities, instantly. Increase your sales by giving customers the option to pay via credit cards.
Attractive rate of 1.75% without any startup cost, transaction fee, cancellation fee or contract makes the mobile credit card processing opportunity much more lucrative for your business.


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